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Well, damn. Haven’t been on here in forever. Car still isn’t running hahaha. Don’t have the time I used to anymore to work on this thing. Decided to post some pics of some progress of this thing.

So here’s when I first bought the engine at the beginning of the year…well, second engine because the first one turned out to be shit and I parted it out. This one’s an S15 SR that came equipped with the 6 speed as well



Ended up cleaning it up a few days later.


Installed some poncams. Shouts out to Teo at Touge Factory for them! As well as Jerry for giving a helping hand with the installation and dropping the engine in the car.


Got the valve cover powder coated.

Just my luck though, the shop I took it to let the very new guy do a two tone fade and I’m not too fond of the way it came out. Not even the purple I wanted either so that’ll eventually get redone once the car is running.

Also bought a Yashio water pump pulley and Quest 125A alternator.

New turbo manifold and oil lines

Fresh gaskets all around minus head gasket

new front and rear main seals


Tossed in an ORC 409D with new ARP flywheel bolts.

Totally forgot to put the transmission spacer plate so I had to take off the clutch and put it on again.


Got bored one day and ordered this bushing.

Also tossed on the 5 speed and sold the 6 speed


Greddy sandwich plate installed


Called the homie Joe up to help me finish the rest of the build.

At this point, I wasn’t getting enough time on my hands to finish this thing

and I needed some fabrication work as well.

I’ll definitely have to post some of the work he did in another post.

In the mean time, here it is loaded on a trailer on the way to Joe

Engine bay was also repainted with Frost White/Purple Pearl






Car has been back at my house for like 6 months already.

I’m trailering it back to another friends shop to get it running. Got it to crank but no start and I still dont have the time I used to to work on this thing. So I’m hoping to send it soon so I can start driving again.

I’ll try to start updating this thing again as much as I can

Update..or something

I guess I could post some kind of an update.

Still not running lol. First breath of fresh air in over a year though.











SR should be here this week hopefully, just need an SR bellhousing or transmission. Kinda miss driving my stupid car. Now I’ll be able to finally keep up on tandems in the dry

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I jinxed myself with that last post about my car. I’ve ripped my front bumper off 3 times in the past 2 days.

Tabs are ripped now and the bottom portion is shaved off pretty good.

The lip got paper thin on one side too from dragging the bumper.

Here’s a photo with Jerry Beans from a few nights ago at this F U T U R E gas station.


Gonna repaint the front lip.

Also gonna start looking again on YAJ for Navan sides since the ones I ordered went MIA..might look for a full kit too.

And more wheels… wheels are cool.

I dont even know how I get around like this on 8k/6k rates on half stiff.  Doesnt even rub.



Found this on That 01 Style page. So good.

Been trying to track a set of these wheels for a long time in good sizes.






Not much updated on my car since I’ve last talked about it (I think).

added Project Mu D1 rear pads and some new dimpled and slotted rotors.

Front coilovers slotted (running about -8* or -9* of camber)

Nardi 350mm/NRG QR/WB hub

Dmax floor mats


And a Pink Godzira sticker that I had to finally install because it was pealing off the transfer paper 😦


Better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy late Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!



I had ordered a pair of Courages off YAJ like 3 weeks ago and they came in 3 days ago.

Put them on yesterday and the fender sat right on the tire.

I misplaced the keys to my truck and I had to go to work right after, so I had no other choice but to take my car. Paint got burnt from rubbing.  ((´д`))

adjusted the camber a bit and its fine now.

18×10 +11

225/40 NS-II




Ever have a dream of a cool car you’ve never seen before? Then you run across a picture of it….


I know I have. I had a dream of this car the other day, and then I came across a picture of it. Weeiirrdddd.