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B R I C Kbrickflare_dramasplayhouse





New edit. Filmed by Chino and I. Edited by Chino
Watch in HD.

Do Yo Thang

An old video I barely upload. Just a quick clip.


I think I posted this picture a long time ago. I came across it again, and decided to re-post it.



…then internet, I stumbled upon this. Thought it was pretty neat. I wish I found more pics of it.


And another picture. This one’s kind of unfocused, but whatever.


Gas station shot + sexiest 240 =omgjizzallova’yoface!!

I love gas station shots…I don’t know why. Teddy, Nieko, Daniel, and Daniel.

SCCA pics pt. 2

pt. 3 should be up next month. My monthly limit, this month, on flickr is pretty much full

also I’ve been jamming out to this song that I didn’t even know I had.

and an old kid cudi track just for the hell of it.


SCCA Drift pics pt. 1

Took some pics at the drift event this past Sunday



Gramlights off of Ninjo’s S14, who is a member of Frisky Nipples. MB Battles waiting to replace the 57Ds for some drifting.

Photo back from the Drift Pract. back in Feb-27-10.