Better late than never ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy late Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

New video from Abbitt


I haven’t had my laptop for a while so I’ve been slacking on my post.

Here’s a video the majority of you have seen, but for those who haven’t.



something to update the blog… and because this R32 is sex and that 4A-GE bouncing off the rev limiter in the beginning sounds sexy

Go Hard

street drifting ftmfw.  New video from Risky Devil

Video>> Evergreen Speedway

without a doubt this is one of Abbitts best videos.

All Star Bash X

could have gone this year to spectate but had to hang with family.

25 car tandem with some pics. Click “keep reading” for the pictues…



Video>> PGP

dope video, kid cudi music, dope event. Enjoy


been in New York since the last post, coming back tomorrow. heres something to keep you guys posted.


I thought this was pretty dope. Stolen off of Irony

Team Mouse

Gangster Entry

Video>> Lonestar Bash 2010

Looked good this year.

video>> It Ain’t Nothin’

sick, new video by Abbitt Wilkerson. All shot with the 7D.

hopefully I get mine by next month….

I’m In Love

pure sex. One of the cleanest 240’s I’ve seen.

Slip ‘N’ Slide

found off of Isidro’s blog. Thought it was pretty cool

Old Spice

lmao gotta love these old spice commercials. Terry Crews FTW

Late nights and City Lights


He does it again

Justin Shreeve has done it again


ONEofONE/FD coverage

OO1/Formula D coverage by Yogi. Enjoy this spectacular, interesting video.

VIDEO>>Hirota’s GS350

saw this one Isidro’s blog of Hirota’s new GS350.

beast mode

check out his blog, yuta-akaishi