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Gonna repaint the front lip.

Also gonna start looking again on YAJ for Navan sides since the ones I ordered went MIA..might look for a full kit too.

And more wheels… wheels are cool.

I dont even know how I get around like this on 8k/6k rates on half stiff.  Doesnt even rub.








Hi Franklin. I felt like posting this.

Not much updated on my car since I’ve last talked about it (I think).

added Project Mu D1 rear pads and some new dimpled and slotted rotors.

Front coilovers slotted (running about -8* or -9* of camber)

Nardi 350mm/NRG QR/WB hub

Dmax floor mats


And a Pink Godzira sticker that I had to finally install because it was pealing off the transfer paper 😦




Do Want

I want an Impala.

I have a soft spot for these wheels in chrome.

Ever have a dream of a cool car you’ve never seen before? Then you run across a picture of it….


I know I have. I had a dream of this car the other day, and then I came across a picture of it. Weeiirrdddd.




My good friend up in Ausjalia (yes, I said Ausjalia. It’s an insider) got pulled over not to long ago for being to low, and his fitment. The car was marked as “defective vehicle”, which over there, it means they tow it, restore it back to it’s “factory” state, and you jump through hoops to get it back on the road.

This guy was a fan of his car. He was taking pcitures for himself, not for the department haha

from drift wolrd

The perfect recipe

F: 18×9 -12      215/35

R: 18×10 -5     225/35



you may have remembered the video about the clean 240 hatch I published a few post back

Well here’s some pics of the car as requested.


I’m In Love

pure sex. One of the cleanest 240’s I’ve seen.