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Update..or something

I guess I could post some kind of an update.

Still not running lol. First breath of fresh air in over a year though.






Mario’s beautiful piece.

Forgot to post his car up awhile ago.  Sorry, Mario!


Saw this bad boy today. Possible photoshoot might be going down soon.

And another picture. This one’s kind of unfocused, but whatever.

another pic from a couple weeks ago

teh lowwzzz

Goin’ Down Under

now this is bad ass.


finally got around to uploading a few more shots from the NICO Meet.


More pics

more pics from the Drift practice back in Feb. 27. Yes I’m still uploading pics…..slowly. Still Kind of a noob a Photography,  learning still

added a tad bit of warm color to this photo and turned down the exposure

added a tad bit of warm color

verry nice

Dont think I’ve seen an S14 with Work Euroline SL wheels. Looks hella nice. To good to pass up for a post. TX repp

Summer needs to start already so I can get mine.

18×10 -5 225/40
18×9 +1 215/40



Some local cars that stepped up there game.

Frisky Nipples

Sunday BMX!

Sunday is my favorite brand/team. TX Rep!