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Do Want

I want an Impala.

[audio http://www.archive.org/download/ThisLife_315/Dumbfoundead-CutPaste-03ThisLife.mp3]

Been partying a lot Lately. I have a headache right now lol. Gotta love Spring break.

In the meantime, and between time….

From Jason’s blog.

found this on FR Sedan

Holy acceleration, Batman!

When Doves Cry

All Star Bash X

could have gone this year to spectate but had to hang with family.

25 car tandem with some pics. Click “keep reading” for the pictues…



Filthy Content Pt. 5

I feel like this one is whatever



cleanest S12. Powered by a N/A KA24DE. Sitting on Powered By Max coilovers with Longchamps  15×7 -1  195/55/15  in the front, and 15×9 -27   205/50/15 in the rear.

you can also visit his blog here for updates on the car


finally got around to uploading a few more shots from the NICO Meet.



More Uconn

as requested. These are not my pics. Credits go to my friend Justin Lewis