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I have a soft spot for these wheels in chrome.

another pic from a couple weeks ago

SCCA pics pt. 2

pt. 3 should be up next month. My monthly limit, this month, on flickr is pretty much full

also I’ve been jamming out to this song that I didn’t even know I had.

and an old kid cudi track just for the hell of it.


SCCA Drift pics pt. 1

Took some pics at the drift event this past Sunday


Filthy Content pt. 7




Let Your Hips Swing

body roll

this ones kind of a little blurry

More pics

an update on the blog before i go camping.


Quick snaps

from the past event. Still going to upload some more.


Filthy Content Pt. 5

I feel like this one is whatever


Drift day pt. 2

yaay, 100th post.

Heres some more pics from the Drift day rd. 2…


More pics

more pics from the Drift practice back in Feb. 27. Yes I’m still uploading pics…..slowly. Still Kind of a noob a Photography,  learning still

added a tad bit of warm color to this photo and turned down the exposure

added a tad bit of warm color

Filthy Content Pt. 3



Gramlights off of Ninjo’s S14, who is a member of Frisky Nipples. MB Battles waiting to replace the 57Ds for some drifting.

Photo back from the Drift Pract. back in Feb-27-10.


Some local cars that stepped up there game.

Frisky Nipples

Like A Boss

saw this car a while back, but I couldn’t resist posting it.

visit his blog – Bosstown